I have been in the seemingly endless process of purging, remodeling and revamping my nest;  a long difficult process of disorder, chaos and constant head scratching wondering how it is that I have acquired so much stuff.
As you know, the kitchen cabinet painting has been ongoing. With the cabinets painted I can move on to painting the inside of pantry and selecting floor. Oh what fun!
But today, it's not the kitchen I want to talk about, it's my studio. It too has been turned upside down, purged of all things unnecessary and, eventually will be put back together.
I had to first find a cabinet/storage unit to put all the loose things that are necessary for a designing, visualizing, making studio. And as you can imagine there are A LOT of loose things.
Luckily I found just the thing! A Library Card Catalogue no longer needed by the Portsmouth RI Free Public Library.
After a short, but lively conversation with Rich the Librarian, the sale was made and the Oak Card Catalogue was mine!
That was just the beginning.
This morning I drove the 1+ hours to RI in light snow to retrieve my soon to be favorite piece of furniture. Admittedly a beautiful drive even if the sun was vacationing in the Caribbean.
Next, the task of putting the thing into the truck...(estimated weight 5,273 lbs.)
There it is in the truck. Trust me when I tell you that Carolyn, Mag and I do not add up to a strong team...it was a challenge, but we did it!
So there it sits...still. I have not had the courage to go remove it from the trunk and haul it up to my 2nd floor apartment.

DAILY FACTOID** The concept and creation of the first cards used for catalogs occurred in France around 1789. 

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  1. I fully support you moving that piece of furniture up stairs!


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