So another Monday has come and gone and another sketchbook Monday missed due to my home renovation project. The kitchen is coming along, but everything else must be put on hold as sacrifice.
If you have aver considered painting your kitchen cabinets, my advice...hire someone. If your lucky enough, ask a talented friend to help...hopefully he has a low over-spray paint gun and knows how to use it. This tool saves so much time and the results look professional.
I must say, I love how it turned out. So excited to see it all come together.
Next: Hardware and floor! Stay tuned for that.



My wonderful friend Angela recently asked for my help with graphics for her new venture. Girl Spot...or G.Spot as she likes to call it is, for the moment "top secret". Soon, however, all the girls of Boston will want in on this.
I'm lucky enough to be involved as graphics guru.
I would love to know which is your favorite and why?



I am currently working on multiple kitchen renovations! One being my own, but a couple of others for clients. It's funny how for my own kitchen I basically wing it. Pick as I go, no planning whatsoever.
But for my clients it's another story entirely. There are hours of sketching, thinking and drawing. Multiple options are explored, and in the end my hope is the client knows exactly what she will get.
Click on the image for a closer look.



You may be wondering what happened to "sketchbook.monday" yesterday. I must confess, I am in the middle of a kitchen make-over! Enough said.
All the cabinets have been emptied and the contents of my food life have taken over my living room, my dining room, and every other room that has a surface to put things on.
The base cabinets have been primed and now the color must be chosen. This is both the fun and hard part.
Picking just the right color is crucial, because there is no way I am ever doing this again...EVER!
Sketchbook.monday will be back next week... keep your fingers crossed that all this mess is over with by then. I know I am.



Spring? Will it ever arrive?
Eventually, yes. So in anticipation, I've been working on a new collection of handbags with new shapes and fabrics. These images are of a great custom color combination for a friend of mine. She suggested burnt orange and Miami blue! Excellent. And the "burlap" fabric just screams spring and summer!
So, now we wait...



It's Monday.
Not a particularly memorable one so far, but who knows, it's still early.

But that also means it's sketchbook monday and for the second installment I decided to dig into the archives for some "valentine" related sketching.
Enjoy!...and enjoy your Monday.



According to Phil the groundhog, we still have six more weeks of winter. I am dreaming of warm weather, but until then I may as well embrace the frigid air in style. I'll definitely be sporting one of these reclaimed wool handbags I just added to the collection.
Check them out here...and please let me know if there is a color combination you are in love with. I can make it custom for you!

The Green Leaf Clutch features off white silk exterior and royal blue lining.



You have spoken.
My last sketchbook post was a big hit, so I am making it a regular thing.
Every Monday I will post a few pages from my sketchbook with the latest on what's going on in the MAKE.GOOD studio. Today is monday, so here we go! Enjoy.
I have been itching to remodel my apartment lately... that's what the sketchbook has been all about.
This last image is from a while back on my return trip from Portugal. I was trying to never forget those beautiful red tiled roofs...
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