New materials just arrived in the studio!

I am thrilled to have new materials in the studio! I'm planning the summer collection and the most exciting part is when the raw materials arrive. There is something about opening a package, seeing and feeling a new fabric and imagining the possibilities.
Here is a little peek! What do you think? I know I'm longing for summer...



I was so inspired by this cute girl's outfit, I decided to try to wear my own version!
How did I do?
(Via Cup of Jo)
My watercolor drawing.


Summer (i)Pad.

Oh, summer, where are you? It seems almost within reach, doesn't it? Well, maybe not quite, but still.
I can't wait for early morning walks in the Arboretum, late afternoon outdoor dinners pretty flowers in my hair and an ocean breeze in the air! (Does that rhyme?!)

Lately, it seems everything I make hasa nautical, ocean vibe to it! This latest creation is an iPad case constructed of red and white cotton canvas. What do you think? Are you ready for summer? Would you sport this beachside/swiss-inspired sleeve for your Pad?


Two bathroom renovations, go!

I'm in the middle of design for two projects, both involve a bathroom renovation, addition or both. What do you think of these combinations so far? Don't you just love the linen hand towels in the lower image? I'm ordering some for myself right this moment, and they come in black too!

 PAINT: Benjamin Moore Pebbel Beach
TOWELS: Ralph Lauren
MIRROR: Restoration Hardware
TILE: Ann Sacks


If I were a French Girl...

Getting dressing in the morning is a daily ritual for us all. It's that moment in the day you decided how the world will see you for the next 24 hours. On most mornings it's a relatively easy task. I pick out a good pair of jeans and the rest just comes together. But on other days I stare at my closet for what seems like an eternity wondering why it feels like i have nothing to wear when there is a closet full of clothes right in front of me.
On those days I have a little trick I use to get me going. I ask myself, "If I were a French Girl, what would I wear?".  Voila! I've just reframed the problem, and given it context. It's like the "blank canvas" in art. Once you make the first stroke, the rest comes much more easily.
So, what would a French Girl wear, anyway... It's subjective, I imagine, but if you need a starting point, her's my list! What's on your list of go to items when your in a dressing pinch... I'd love to know! Leave a comment below!

1. Jeans, jeans, jeans
2. flats in the summer, booties in the winter
3. Iron it!
4. Always add a scarf
5. Sometimes add a broach
6. When in doubt, STRIPES!
7......and above all an AMAZING COAT!

Done! Happy dressing.
1. Flared jeans are always very chic (via The Sartorialist)

2. flats! (via Zappos)
3. I want this iron (via Panasonic)
4. This is good scarf. (via A Ride A Day)

5. I have one of these. I'm wearing it in the image at the start of the post... and I love everything EmmersonMade.  (via EmersonMade)
6. There is nothing easier than a striped top! Maybe a little cliche, but it works! (via Petit Bateau)
7. Love this coat from French Connection!


Designer Dinner 3

I cook most nights. It's my way of unwinding after a long day. A few nights ago, short on ingredients, I patched together a version of a staple in every Portuguese household. Growing up, it made a regular appearance at our family's table. "Caldo Verde"...or translation, Green Broth is a tasty soup of brilliant green kale hanging on to crispy chorizo buoys. In my version I used white beans instead of potatoes to thicken the broth. It was delicious!
Even though I am not Irish, it is that time of year when the color green appears in the most unlikely of edible. So, tomorrow night if your wondering what to eat...Caldo Verde may be just the thing!


Student wall "paper"

It's spring break this week for me and my clan!  But, before leaving for wherever they were going, I had them pin up their latest work: a portfolio. They are charged with making a book showcasing all the work they have done during their architecture education. So, here they are, baring themselves. I have to say, there is some pretty good work up on this wall. What do you think? Can you spot a favorite?


Summer stripes

It is with much anticipation that we await warmer weather. Yet, here we are in full winter still with only our imagination to keep us warm.
Luckily, in my studio, I can dream with fabric and color. I've been turning these lovely striped summer fabrics into pretty little pouches for your iPad!! Can't you just see the ocean, a sail boat, and you in cute little blue and white striped bikini! I can. Ahhh, the power of imagination!

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