Summer stripes

It is with much anticipation that we await warmer weather. Yet, here we are in full winter still with only our imagination to keep us warm.
Luckily, in my studio, I can dream with fabric and color. I've been turning these lovely striped summer fabrics into pretty little pouches for your iPad!! Can't you just see the ocean, a sail boat, and you in cute little blue and white striped bikini! I can. Ahhh, the power of imagination!


  1. Love the idea and the colours!! Makes me wanna have an iPad ;D keep up with the impecable sense of style! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you, Ana! It's so nice to hear kind words about my work.

  3. You really deserve them!! I am a huge fan of your work! I Know I'm too small to say this, but I'm proud of you! Well, I admire you! ;D kisses for you all, including juliana ;)


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