A year in a life...

This post marks one year that I started writing this blog. It doesn't feel like that much time has gone by! When I think, however, about all that has happened this year I realize that my life is completely different.
I was working, then, a 9 to 5 job at an architecture firm and teaching Design Studio part time.

I remember the feeling of waking up every morning and dragging myself to the T station, stopping for an obligatory cup of Starbucks and then sitting for hours at my desk staring at my computer (or the Life Insurance sign out my window) wondering why I was there working on projects I didn't care much about. On some days I got to leave the confines of my corporate workstation and spend 4 hours talking, listening, and learning from a group of 19 year olds who had not yet been jaded by twelve years of waiting for something to be different someday, somehow.
I would arrive home drained from the contrasts of the day with little energy left to do anything but cook food and wait for it to start all over again the following day.
I sit at my laptop this morning smiling. Out my window the blue sky reminds me that all is well. I'm just back from a 2 hour walk with Penny my pretty little Vizsla, the cup of coffee in my Mt. Washington NH mug is my own and the day awaits for my willingness to fill it with what is meaningful to me. These days everything feels meaningful because it is my own.
The best part of all this change is the certainty that it's only the beginning.
Thank you all who read this blog and have been on this journey with me. It means everything to feel supported and know that what I am doing is not just an amazing personal journey, but also somehow significant to the world.
I look forward to another year, and then another after that!



There are times when images speak for themselves. This is one of those times.



Big news! 
MAKE.GOOD studio will be at SOWA Open Market next weekend September 25+26!!! This is a great weekend outdoor market that features many handmade wears, music and food. What makes this weekend even more exciting is that it's also South End Open Studios! You can stop in artist's studios and see their work, meet them and buy art.
I am over the mood about having been chosen to participate. It's a big step for my little operation and a great way to get my handmade bags and home collection to a broader audience.
I'm working extra hard this week to have lots of new bags in great winter colors. I'm also planning a great GIVEAWAY that weekend so don't miss it... I look forward to seeing you there!



Last week's trip to the antiques market was more than just about a fun morning out with friends. It was also a day to find inspiration for MAKE.GOOD studio. Winter is fast approaching and I've started working on a new line of bags and home accessories, but inspiration is lacking. It must be the changing of the season. It always brings on the urge to hibernate.
But this Fall I'm staying focused and luckily my finds at the market are helping. I found these beautiful antiques printing plates! Some have text, others images, but overall I'm loving that the results are still abstract.
I'm not sure yet how they will make their way into the new designs, but I'm excited to try.
(My favorite is the series of squares in the second image on the left! Click on the image to zoom in and take a closer look)



Last weekend I spent a crisp end of summer morning with my good friends Rebecca and Chris. Along for the treasure hunting was also their gentle greyhound Trevor. We strolled an outdoor flea market looking for beautiful things with a good story. I just love the moment when you spot something wonderful among of all the "other stuff".  Turns out, Rebecca and I agree on what falls into the wonderful things category and so a great collaboration begins....hmmmm, I like that.
We both fell in love with big old jars. I especially loved the printing on them.
And I just couldn't resist adding this deer antler to my personal collection. I plan to hang it in the light somewhere it can cast a lovely dark shadow on a white wall.
I'm missing Brimfield this week, but taking this little trip only a few days ago makes up for it!



I walked down the block from my apartment carrying all my wears and arrived at Salmagundi at around 5:30 last night to set up for the Trunk Show.  Greeted with great enthusiasm by the lovely owner Jessen, I was shown around this little gem of a hat shop. Gorgeous hats and belts everywhere, propped beautifully on display. So many lovely things, I instantly felt like a part of it all. The music was playing, and we could feel the anticipatory energy in the air.
By 7:30 the shop was bursting, the cava was flowing, and the evening was in full swing. What a wonderful night! I met so many great people and the positive feedback of the bags was overwhelming. That's me in the photo above chatting with two lovely women that wanted to know all about the fabrics and stencils.
Friends stopped in to say hello, offer support, and buy a bag, of course. The HipBags were a big hit with bikers, travelers and dog owners. The clutches caught the eye of quite a few very stylish ladies, and the tote's leather strap reminded one girl of her childhood. Wonderful!
Thank you all who came to Salmagundi last night for the Trunk Show. It was great to meet so many lovely people and get so much positive feedback on my bags. JP is an amazing community and you all make it so!
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