I walked down the block from my apartment carrying all my wears and arrived at Salmagundi at around 5:30 last night to set up for the Trunk Show.  Greeted with great enthusiasm by the lovely owner Jessen, I was shown around this little gem of a hat shop. Gorgeous hats and belts everywhere, propped beautifully on display. So many lovely things, I instantly felt like a part of it all. The music was playing, and we could feel the anticipatory energy in the air.
By 7:30 the shop was bursting, the cava was flowing, and the evening was in full swing. What a wonderful night! I met so many great people and the positive feedback of the bags was overwhelming. That's me in the photo above chatting with two lovely women that wanted to know all about the fabrics and stencils.
Friends stopped in to say hello, offer support, and buy a bag, of course. The HipBags were a big hit with bikers, travelers and dog owners. The clutches caught the eye of quite a few very stylish ladies, and the tote's leather strap reminded one girl of her childhood. Wonderful!
Thank you all who came to Salmagundi last night for the Trunk Show. It was great to meet so many lovely people and get so much positive feedback on my bags. JP is an amazing community and you all make it so!

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