Meeting of the minds.

I was recently invited to a "meet up" held monthly by an established group of talented, crafty, small business owner ladies. At first I was hesitant. I asked myself, "What could I possibly have to talk about with a bunch of women I don't know?" Turns out, A LOT!
The meet up took place at Gather Here, a new aptly named fabric store and sewing parlor promoting all things handmade and fabulous. The space is cheery and bright. This is not surprising after meeting the lovely owner Virginia whose enthusiasm for all things beautiful shines right through her pretty black rimmed glasses.
It was a morning of chatting about craft shows, talents, clients and even taxes and I left feeling like I had found something rare.

I managed to restrain my self from buying everything, but am already looking forward to next months gathering...wherever that may take me?



BeachCityCountry is here! Are you ready???
Which is your favorite?

BeachCityCountry c o l l e c t i o n

Today the new BeachCityCountry c o l l e c t i o n will arrive in the online shop!!!! Stay tuned for great new bags...

BeachCityCountry  c o l l e c t i o n



This Sunday, April 10th is CRAFTOPIA! It promises to be a great event.
Of course, having a show means making many new things! Here's a peak at what you'll see in the MAKE.GOOD shop at CRAFTOPIA! Did I mention it's in Pawtucket Rhode Island?
You gotta go!


Sometimes...I make it just for me.

Having a business where I create and make things that I intuit others will love, I rarely find the time to make something for myself, or my home. More often than not, I'm "stealing" something off the MAKE.GOOD studio shelf and calling it mine.
Last night seemed like a good time to change that.
It started with a bench. This treasure lives in my front hall (I use the word "hall" loosely as it conjures up images of a grand entry in an old, perfectly restored Victorian, which is not the current situation). I love this bench, and my entry dearly. This lovely piece comes from a long past. It mostly reminds me of the years it lived in any one of my beautiful friend Alyson's apartments. One of which we shared. Before that it belonged to someone in her family. But this now bench, once a coffee table, is a treasured piece that I have loved since the day I inherited it. It's one of those things I plan to have for a very long time.
I had made a cushion for it, which helped it's transformation from holder of coffee, to supporter of humans. And last night I made two little pillows designed just for it, solidifying it's identity as bench.
The pillows are made from old burlap bags used to transport coffee! They have these beautiful markings on them, and a wonderful faint aroma of raw coffee beans that's a constant reminder of their origin and how far they traveled to get here, to live on my little bench.
Coffee bags are closed using a simple stitch made of burlap thread. I modernized the details and used a bright orange cotton thread. Don't you just love the little punch of color!

What treasured pieces do you love in your home? I'd love to hear their story...
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