The Airstream Lounge

Oh, who doesn't love an Airstream? The classic lines, the stainless steel wrapped capsule, the history, it's all so nostalgic of that time in american history when road trips and the great outdoors were part of the american dream.
So when I was asked to design the interior of an Airstream for a duo of talented guys I jumped at the opportunity. We met, we discussed, we dreamt about what this iconic object could become. I can't reveal all the details just yet, but the design is well on it's way and I am beyond excited to see this happen!
Until then, here is a little taste of some of the materials we will be using


Vintage Army Blanket-Transformed

It all started with this gorgeous vintage wool army blanket. I found it at a local Salvation Army, deep in a bin filled with odds and ends. The smell of mothballs was so overwhelming I almost stopped looking. But, then, there at the bottom, I saw a sliver of gray/green and perfect triple stipe. I was in love and in a few minutes it was mine. Mothball smell be damned, I was taking this amazing piece of fabric back to the studio.
 I started cutting, stepping away, looking, and cutting some more and pretty soon I knew what it was going to become.
It was the perfect material for an oversized pillow featuring hand painted stencil. 42 21 71 5...can you guess what the numbers mean?
Find the Vintage Army Pillows at Room 68!

But the large pillow was just the beginning. This sturdy material also transformed into a few small lumbar pillows and a tote. I'd love this bag for storing hats and gloves in an entry, or blankets in the living room!

SOWA Holiday Market is December 10th

MAKE.GOOD studio will be at SOWA HOLIDAY MARKET again this year! Don't miss this amazing collection of artists. Hope to see you there.
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