The Blog is Moving to our new site!

THE BLOG is moving to our new site!!!!

I'm excited to share the new www.makegoodstudio.com where you can now shop online directly from us here at MAKE.GOOD studio and check out the blog for behind the scenes and updates!
So don't forget to update your favorites with our new web address.


Tools of the Trade

The Spring/Summer Collection features a lot of leather, so I've been learning how to use the tools of the leather trade. I am blown away by how much there is to learn and am just now getting comfortable with some of the more intimidating tools. The rivet press, for example, is a big heavy thing that at first had me scratching my head. But now, after watching a few online tutorials, I don't know how I lived without it. Straps are perfectly secured every time. Not to mention how cool it looks perched on my workbench in the studio. It's red and cast from steel. 
This week I tackled cutting my own straps from an enormous cowhide. Again, intimidating at first, but after a few tries it was easy. 
What I've learned: It's all about having the right tools for the job and mastering them. After a little practice it's like second nature. Now I love working with leather!


Sunday in the North End

As part of our new weekend resolution to try something new, we found ourselves in the North End. It was my weekend to do the planning so I decided on forging for ingredients for dinner at DiPaquale's. They make fresh pasta daily and sell a variety of Italian deliciousness. We walked out with two types of fresh past for making this recipe, fresh burrata, italian coffee, and a can of San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa (sparkling blood orange!) for instant gratification. We then venture over to  this place for lunch alfresco. Before heading home we stopped at the Fiore roof deck for a bit of bubbly just because.
It was a great afternoon of exploring a neighborhood we rarely venture to. I'm already planning our next adventure!


Try something new this weekend.

After a week of intense production culminating in a Trunk Show on saturday, I plan to spend sunday in relaxation mode. But, that doesn't mean it's going to be all rest and no play.
We are trying something new around here. Every weekend we are taking turns planning a new adventure. The only rule is that it has to be something neither of us has done before. It could be as simple as trying a new coffee shop, or taking a walk in a new neighborhood. As long as it's unexplored by either of us, it's fair game.
I'm up first and already have an idea. It involves a trip to this North End spot! Have you been?
What do you think of our idea to make life a little more exciting? Would you do it?

P.S. The photo is from a picnic we had mid-week! Adventure isn't just for the weekends, right?!


Leather Zipper Clutch in BRIGHT COLORS!

Leather Zipper Clutch in Red and Orange! I think I may have to keep one for myself.
Are you a red or an orange???

Pssst: Did you notice I'm still wearing my tape measure in the first photos? It's so crazy around here, I forgot to take it off for the picture!


Patch Pocket Totes + A Trunk Show

I have been frantically making bags to round out the Spring/Summer Collection 2013. The latest additions are these handsome, heavy linen and leather totes. They have great big exterior pockets either single or paired. I really love the details. There are little silver rivets that catch the light and luxurious leather or suede in contrast..and they zip closed! I can not wait to take one of these out into the world and show her off! I think my excitement is maybe coming across, but I can't get enough of these. They have an old world french feel but with modern details and proportions.
Where to get them you ask?... (scroll to the bottom to find out)

^^The Patch Pocket Tote features a zipper closure! Wonderful, isn't it... Now everything stays put.^^
We will be at a Trunk Show this Saturday, April 47th in Wenham, MA from 3:00-6:00 and all the new bags will be there too!
It promises to be a great social event with appetizers and beverages...and you can get your mom a great handmade gift while your there! See you then.


Onset Island

This weekend we went to Onset Island. We met friends and had such a lovely day by the water. It was good to get away for the city for a little while and spend our hours talking, eating, laughing, taking walks along the shore and just enjoying the peace and quite of this tiny bit of heaven.
Here are a few photos from the weekend if you'd like to see.
^^ Our friend Jason lives on the island year round so he picked us up in his skiff and expertly navigated us across the bay. He's pretty cool!^^
^^The small island has no roads or vehicles of any kind. I loved the sea grass everywhere and the small boats that transport it's residents floating around it's permieter.^^

^^Penny feasted on shrived crab leggs. Yummy.^^
^We sat around and watched the time go by^^
^We stayed at Jason's beautiful cottage that was only a few feet from the water. So peaceful.^^
^^There are many little details of nautical life that remind you of where you are.^^
^^We walked along the tiny boardwalk that traverses the island^^
^^My girl Alyson and I both grew up in towns surrounded by water. We felt right at home.^^
^^And of course, silliness between takes!!^^

^^The sun started to set and Pat's smile says it all.^^

Watching the unset from the deck was breathtaking. We had so much fun, Jason and Alyson. Thank you for inviting us. We can't wait to go back!!


Have a calm weekend.

This weekend will be about peace and calm here at our house.  We are looking forward to dinner at a friend's house on the beach and time spent laughing with those that are close to us.
There are many thing to get us worried, but there are so many more to be thankful for. 
These days I start my morning with a simple glass of lemon water with a sprig of rosemary. It seems so simple and yet the slightly sweet meyer lemon and the aromatic rosemary take the senses away and calm the mind.
Everything will be all right. I wish you a calm, peaceful weekend. 
Enjoy the little things.


Summer Bags 2013 Sneak Peek - 3

I'm excited to share these photos from today's shoot. I really wanted the Summer 2013 Collection to be bright and light with pops of color.
Ok, tell me.  Which is your favorite?


Summer Bags 2013 Sneak Peek-2

It's been a very productive couple of days! I've been continuing my exploration of figure ground maps. I'm so in love with their graphic beauty. I'm also testing a new technique (front bag in above image) that involves printing directly on fabric. I'm so thrilled with the results so far.
Can you guess what city this is?

P.S. I'll be doing a full photo shoot and post tomorrow!
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