A few of you have inquired about an image in the "Around the house with...me" post.  Your questions were not about the image itself, but on a particular object that appears in two of the images.
"Is that a cast of your head?", you asked.
"Why yes, yes it is!", I replied.
Allow me to explain why I have a cast of my head...
A few years ago a fellow architect friend of mine asked if I would be his model for a project he was planning. This process, he explained, would involve my sitting for him, a few times, very still for a few hours at a  time while he wrapped me in what essentially is a plaster cast (like when you break your arm). The only difference is, this would be happening on entire quadrants of my body during one given sitting.
 It sounded thrilling, and like a once in a lifetime opportunity. So I said, yes!
We started with the legs and worked up.
It all took forever, subjected me to very bad movies and I'm convinced was a life changing experience. Sitting for a couple of hours with your legs folded under you can only have one result...pain and the inability to stand and walk for a while afterward...Well, maybe that and the life changing part.
The hardest part was the head. Breathing through a straw while trying very hard to not think about the fact that my entire head was sealed inside a plaster cast was not an easy task. Enter yoga breathing exercises and the day was saved.
This project took over a year to complete, and the results exceeded my expectation, as well as the artist's (my now very, very close friend).
Here she is...complete. (above in the workshop and below in the place she still sits today)
It is humbling to see myself reproduced as an angel sitting with praying hands in a beautiful, natural landscape. Truly life changing.



Outblush Hearts (Your) Mom Giveaway and Personal Shopper

So you were so proud of that awesome gift you found for Mom last year . . . and you haven't had an idea a fraction as good since? Be strong. Don't resort to random bath products. We at Outblush have got your back.
Between now and noon Pacific on April 27th, all you need to do is email us atstaff@outblush.com or post a comment here or on our Facebook page telling us a little bit about your hard-to-shop-for mom. We'll pick six lucky readers for the full personal-shopper treatment, finding potential gifts from the practical to the luxe. And if you're not chosen, all hope is not lost. We'll also pick a bunch of you at random to receive one of the following gifts, gratis:
And go ahead and put down that little decorated box, by the way. She'll never put anything in it.



Designing in model is such a rewarding process. Testing ideas in 3D, cutting and glueing and allowing the process of making to inform the process of designing. It's hard to describe how this works, but once you start thinking this way as a designer it's hard to return to the flat world of paper.
This is a series of shots of a model in progress... raw, unfinished, beautifully imperfect.


Around the house with...Susana (that's me)!

"Around the house with..."
Who doesn't love to take a peak into people's homes... especially design-y people?
The Around the house series will feature regular visits to "stylish" people's homes and an interview to shed some light on their personal style.
To start things off, here are a few images "Around the house with...me!" Enjoy, and check back for the next "Around the house with..." very soon.



It is in those first few moments of a project that the seed of inspiration is planted. The thrill of the unknown, the imagined, even the impossible is ever present. It feeds the dream and during this stage anything is possible. This is as it should be.
My favorite part of any project is it's beginning, unencumbered by limitations, and free to become whatever it wants.



Oh the excitement!
A close friend recently asked for help with design ideas for his new venture. I don't want to reveal to much yet, but here is a taste of what's in the works.
I'm so excited about this project and so far the inspiration board is...well... inspiring!



I have been in full on production mode this week. Painting, cutting, and sewing new handbags.

It is a process I love and one which is so rewarding. I put in the time and at the end of it I have made 6 great new handbags. Check the MAKE.GOOD ONLINE SHOP to see all the new styles. Treat yourself to a new handbag for the warm summer nights that are sure to be here soon.

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