Create something everyday.

It's not as easy as it sounds.
However loosely the word "create" is interpreted, it's still a challenge to accomplish. Most days I look around and there is in fact something made, invented, produced that wasn't there the day before. On other days...well, the day has just slipped by. Luckily, I get another chance tomorrow...


You know it's been a hectic morning when...

...your freshly ironed white linen ends up playing with the colored pencils.


One pair of jeans.

It's your favorite pair.
It's the pair you thought you would have forever.
It's the pair that always helps you remember.
It's the pair that never lets you forget.


The Bernina

I have been dreaming of owning a Bernina sewing machine since I came to know what a Bernina sewing machine was. Sadly, that wasn't only about a year ago. Thankfully, I now own one!
My journey to the Bernina began a week ago. After breaking another sub-standard, retail grade machine, I decided on a whim to look on Craig's List for the elusive Bernina. To my surprise, there she was in Greenfield, MA, owned by a lovely sounding woman named Shirley. So, off I went on a two hour drive with my dog in the back seat to get her.
Doesn't look like much, right? Looks aren't everything. It's all about what's on the inside with this one.


A lovely Bride and her Maids.

Wedding season is upon us!
On any given saturday from now until September, you will undoubtedly stumble upon a bride in the Garden, or a groom holding a white train and bouquet crossing Commonwealth Avenue. There is nothing more joyful than seeing two people in love tie the knot... in style, of course.
You may also run across the soon-to-be married girl with her maids in tow, fawning over her dress and smiling from ear to ear.
It's every girl's right of passage; to be a maid at her friend's wedding. Long gone are the days of wearing big, strangely colored dresses and matching"headpieces" made of crystal flowers.
Today's brides want modern maids wearing pretty short dresses and fabulous custom clutches!
That's where I come in! A little clutch, specially made for each girl with her initial stenciled on the inside...and for the bride, the perfect pink on her little handbag. Now, that's style!


What's new?

Oh, where do I begin?!
I've been making and making and have had no time to share. But, yesterday was photo shoot day at MAKE.GOOD studio and that means new bags in the shop! Yippeee!
What do you think? See one you like?


My morning walks

Most days Penny and I wake up shortly after the sun and head out on our morning walk. For her, it's when she gets to stretch her legs and gallop about unrestrained by collar and leash. For me, it's an opportunity to reconnect with the still quite world, observe, and, if I'm particularly rested, think.
The Arnold Arboretum is one of our favorite spots especially now when all the trees are in bloom.
What's your favorite spot for an early morning walks?

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