A lovely Bride and her Maids.

Wedding season is upon us!
On any given saturday from now until September, you will undoubtedly stumble upon a bride in the Garden, or a groom holding a white train and bouquet crossing Commonwealth Avenue. There is nothing more joyful than seeing two people in love tie the knot... in style, of course.
You may also run across the soon-to-be married girl with her maids in tow, fawning over her dress and smiling from ear to ear.
It's every girl's right of passage; to be a maid at her friend's wedding. Long gone are the days of wearing big, strangely colored dresses and matching"headpieces" made of crystal flowers.
Today's brides want modern maids wearing pretty short dresses and fabulous custom clutches!
That's where I come in! A little clutch, specially made for each girl with her initial stenciled on the inside...and for the bride, the perfect pink on her little handbag. Now, that's style!

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  1. I cannot say enough about Sue and her bags! All my girls loved them - myself included - and continue to use them. And the compliments are endless!
    I got one for myself, each of my maids and my mom and mother-in-law. Sue sat down with me and took the time to custom make each one of them. The options seemed endless and it took me forever to decide on the designs for each bag but Sue was so patient with me and offered her honest opinion when I asked for it. She understood how important the colors in my wedding were to me and didn't mind that it took me 10 minutes to decide which shade of light pink I wanted inside my bag. When I couldn't decide which color best matched my bridesmaid dresses she took a color swatch of the dress so she could mix a paint to match perfectly!
    So, for all you brides out there: if you're looking for a sharp, sophisticated and unique accent to your wedding attire definitely get in touch with Sue and she will make sure you get just the accessory you're looking for.


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