SNAPSHOT: November

The end of November has been about:

cowboy boots, a new leather and felt bag
church steeples, sleeping dog
wide brim fedora (Indiana Jones style), cupcake window shopping



Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's all about time with family and friends. And it's an entire day devoted to food. For someone who loves to cook, it's heaven. There is the food of course, but also the table. I really enjoy setting the stage and atmosphere for the meal. It's, first, about picking the table cloth. I have a wonderful vintage collection inherited from my mother and grandmothers so I bring them all out and pick the one that feels right for the day. The table cloth sets the tone and with just a few little special details like a pumpkin for a pop of color and it's done.
This year's table cloth was my mom's from the 60's. It has a beautiful blue ribbon sewn in pretty stripes across the cotton fabric. I wanted some contrast so the deep orange napkins and a tiny yellow pumpkin where a great way to break up all the blue. No need for elaborate flower arrangements. I just fill little jars with fresh herbs! The aroma fills the air around the table.
Starting the meal with champagne is a must! And this year, I made my first pumpkin pie. It was good.
 A few years ago, I learned from Thomas Keller how to roast a chicken the correct way; high heat and less time. I figured applying that technique to a turkey would result in an equally juicy bird. Turns out, it does! It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to cook our 13lb. bird and it tasted amazing. No drying out from being in the oven for too long. And don't forget to brine. 

 My gravy is made with the poached turkey gizzards, fresh herbs, white wine, and a hard boiled egg.
And finally, this moment! My mom and I sharing notes on lipstick. We have very similar coloring, so we tend to "borrow" each other's lipstick when we forget our own at home.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


SKETCHBOOK MONDAY: a technical drawing

A little drafted piece I've been working on; it incorporates lines, color and text to tell a story. From a distance it's pretty abstract, but the closer you get the more it reveals.
Ok, this is technically not a sketch. You got me.
Hope you had a lovely weekend sketching, or drawing!


SNAPSHOT: Unseasonably warm

This past weekend was unseasonably warm. Of course, the week before brought storm Sandy, the elections and a dusting a snow on the ground. But back to the lovely weekend we just had. I spent it on Nantucket with my friend Kate. We had some girl time catching up, enjoyed the stillness of the beautiful beaches, and strolled the lovely downtown. Look for the full post later this week, but until then, here are a few snapshots from this past week and weekend. Hope you had a great one.
fall grass at sunrise, the MFA
wrapped in a warm scarf to VOTE, snow, really, already?!
solo friday night stroll after dark, gray swede booties
cisco brewery, stormy sky
stillness on straight wharf, cliff walk


NEW WORK: Logo and a SURVEY!!

Cafe Awesome is a sweet little project I'm working on. The best part, the client is my 8 year old niece, Tari! Last week I received a very official email where she asks for my design services in creating a logo for her newest project, Cafe Awesome. The instructions were specific. The name of the cafe as well as a tag line that reads "It's Awesome!" was to be included. So I went to work.
Below are the results.  I don't have approval yet from my discerning client. Actually, she would love your help picking the winner. So let's VOTE! It's easy.

Just select your favorite in the survey column to the right of this post!

1, 2, or 3. You have till Monday so check them out and let Tari know your pick.
We are counting on you...

1. (below)

2. (below)
3. (Below)


IN CONSTRUCTION: Trillium Signage and Lighting

Exterior signage is up and the lights are on. Trillium Brewing is coming to life. No firm opening date yet, but as soon as I know I'll pass the information on to you. Looking forward to seeing you there!



On Sunday my girlfriend Alyson and I joined a small group of artists, drawing enthusiasts and novices for an intensive figure drawing workshop at the MFA. We arrived at 10:00 armed with charcoal and paper and went till 2:00. It was intense.
We started with 5 second interval poses. The model moved and kept moving and the seconds, we quickly realized, went by much too quickly. We learned that a good drawing starts with a single line that captures the longest gesture of a figure. 
I had taken figure drawing classes before, but I learned so much during this intensive workshop. Below are my drawings in order from the start of class to the last drawing I did. You can see the progress as you scroll down the page. At first they don't look like much. As Patrick said when I arrived home and showed him the first page in my sketchbook, "I could do that."
He's right. I believe anyone can draw. Like anything you have to be taut and most importantly you have to practice. And boy is it clear just how much practice I need.

Learning the proportions of the human body.

I assure you the model has all her limbs...not that you would know that from the drawings below.
Hm, not bad. Less is sometimes better.
Crazy alien head woman below.
Starting to understand proportion a bit better here.

And these are the final drawings above. Not bad. What do you think? Have you taken a figure drawing class lately. Would you ever take one if you haven't?

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