Sometimes you just need to escape the chaos of city life and go someplace quiet.
For me Nantucket is that place.
For years I only came here in the summer. A group of us friends would pack up our city cars, drive to Hyannis, board the ferry and emerge an hour later on this island. We buzzed past the hustle and bustle of the center of town and darted for our little hideaway at Madaket beach.
The Duck Inn was our salt box and for a whole week we gladly left the world behind to just be with the ocean and with each other.
I hadn't been back to Madaket until today. It looks different in January. The wind is blowing hard, something my nose and fingertips don't appreciate much. But the magic of this place is still here, it's soul unchanged.
I do come to Nantucket as often as I can, and have come to appreciate it's quiet state of hibernation between the months of October and May.  My friend Kate lives here. (that's her in the last photo) When I'm here we congregate at the corner talking for hours in the sun with other year round island residents, go listen to the ocean, and gaze endlessly at the sky that is still as blue as it gets.
There is a peace here in the winter that calms the soul and mind of any restless city dweller. It certainly does mine.

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