Ah, dots!
My obsession began toward the end of last year with this and this experiment. Simple dots, all in a row. There is something so beautiful about that simple graphic gesture that it surprises me every time.
But, never satisfied, I wanted to see where this simple beginning could go.
I usually find inspiration in the object, tools, scraps around me, just lying there on my work table. I pick something up and see what happens.

In this case, the orange/red dots reminded me of berry branches. I took the edge of my circle template, rolled on a bit of gray paint with my finger, pressed down on the fabric and voila. A branch is made. The plastic template allowed for a natural curve and human "error" made the charming little skip in the paint. You just can't get that from something manufactured.

And the final product! Berry Branch Hemstitch Linen Dinner Napkin

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