It's a NEW YEAR and a NEW DECADE! (Like you needed reminding)
I want to kick it off by saying Thank You. A blog is nothing without it's readers, and as a designer I am nothing without an audience to appreciate the things I make....and remind me that some of the things that come out of MAKE.GOOD are crap.
So, thank you, audience, friends, relatives, newcomers and future followers for reading, and for being critics. You are the reason I do what I do and strive to be better, more innovative, and to keep pushing the envelope of design. Whether it's architecture, graphics, products, art, or any one of the many areas I dabble in, I will keep it coming in 2010. So please keep reading.

...and away we go into 2010!

The end of last year brought me what is proving to be the best gift a blogging design girl can get...a new camera. Oh yes, the images in 2010 will be better, brighter, hopefully always in focus (although user ignorance is never the poor camera's fault) and all around more exciting.
And here I am (my feet anyway) with my new baby...Lumix LX3.

Those spots you see are, again, not the camera's fault...dust on the mirror. It looks like it's snowing indoors...all the more reason to be wearing leg warmers. Aren't they adorable? Who doesn't love leg warmers in the winter. I think every girl should own at least one pair. I own 4. He he.

Isn't she pretty...my new camera? Yes, I think we are going to have a very happy future together.

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