"Every child begins the world again..."

It's been a busy summer here at MAKE.GOOD. Lots of new projects (which I'm dying to tell you all about) and many hours of work still ahead.
But the past couple of weekends have been all about relaxation and family. One of my favorite moments was the morning Penny and I picked up my niece and nephew at 7:00 am on a Saturday and headed to the beach!
After a slightly bleary eyed start, the kids were ready for anything! They loved watching Penny swim surprised that it came so naturally to her. We searched for sticks to throw in the water and spent the better part of the morning enjoying the lovely breeze, the sunshine and just the sound of each other's laughter!

I'm always so inspired by children. My niece has taken to designing clothes and bags! She even designed a special MAKE.GOOD bag! It blew me away that a 7 year old already has so much talent. My nephew has started racing bicycles. My brother's son, he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and if it means riding a bicycle for hours then that's what he will do.
I returned feeling inspired and energetic about my work. That's the thing about being around children, they help you see the world again. It brings to mind a favorite quote of mine by Henry David Thoreau, "Every child begins the world again..."

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