Bench-Calling all Corrugated Cardboard

It's hard to say where an idea comes from. Pinpointing the exact moment the little seed is planted in one's brain is nearly impossible. In my experience, it's never just one thing that inspires, but a perfect storm of little things converging over time.
I've had this image of what I think is an Indonesian bench around for some time. I had saved it because, if I can remember back that far, I likes the form of the curving seat. It struck me as elegant. I also seem to recall loving that the seat was make up of a few large pieces of vertical standing wood sandwiched together.
More recently, I began thinking about designing a my own bench. As I talked with my Landscape and Site Planning students during the summer semester I was struck by all the beautiful topography models they create using such a pedestrian material as corrugated cardboard.
I suddenly remembered that Indonesian bench.

What does this all have to do with corrugated cardboard? Let's just say the details are not quite all worked out yet. As always with any design, it takes time, patience and a lot of testing. You can't rush an idea and it must come in it's own time. So, for now, I'll leave you with the sketches above and your imagination.

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  1. so great to be able to SEE your thinking process, such creative curiosity, inquiry and and follow-thru!!!!!. glad you are back in touch with us, your readers/ admirers! em


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