NEW WORK: Logo and a SURVEY!!

Cafe Awesome is a sweet little project I'm working on. The best part, the client is my 8 year old niece, Tari! Last week I received a very official email where she asks for my design services in creating a logo for her newest project, Cafe Awesome. The instructions were specific. The name of the cafe as well as a tag line that reads "It's Awesome!" was to be included. So I went to work.
Below are the results.  I don't have approval yet from my discerning client. Actually, she would love your help picking the winner. So let's VOTE! It's easy.

Just select your favorite in the survey column to the right of this post!

1, 2, or 3. You have till Monday so check them out and let Tari know your pick.
We are counting on you...

1. (below)

2. (below)
3. (Below)


  1. who closes a poll when it's tied at 11? really?


  2. Of the three... I hope #2made it


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