A year in a life...

This post marks one year that I started writing this blog. It doesn't feel like that much time has gone by! When I think, however, about all that has happened this year I realize that my life is completely different.
I was working, then, a 9 to 5 job at an architecture firm and teaching Design Studio part time.

I remember the feeling of waking up every morning and dragging myself to the T station, stopping for an obligatory cup of Starbucks and then sitting for hours at my desk staring at my computer (or the Life Insurance sign out my window) wondering why I was there working on projects I didn't care much about. On some days I got to leave the confines of my corporate workstation and spend 4 hours talking, listening, and learning from a group of 19 year olds who had not yet been jaded by twelve years of waiting for something to be different someday, somehow.
I would arrive home drained from the contrasts of the day with little energy left to do anything but cook food and wait for it to start all over again the following day.
I sit at my laptop this morning smiling. Out my window the blue sky reminds me that all is well. I'm just back from a 2 hour walk with Penny my pretty little Vizsla, the cup of coffee in my Mt. Washington NH mug is my own and the day awaits for my willingness to fill it with what is meaningful to me. These days everything feels meaningful because it is my own.
The best part of all this change is the certainty that it's only the beginning.
Thank you all who read this blog and have been on this journey with me. It means everything to feel supported and know that what I am doing is not just an amazing personal journey, but also somehow significant to the world.
I look forward to another year, and then another after that!


  1. Hi Sue! This is Annie :)

    I found your blog and I've actually been reading it for a while now - I really love it! Your intense energy definitely gets conveyed through your wonderful and creative posts! I enjoy seeing your projects and creativity captured through images! You are a very inspirational person and your posts keep me motivated to do things outside of just 'schoolwork'. Keep up the great work!

  2. For this past years and many to come, CONGRATULATIONS!I admire you! Keep up doing whatever you love!


  3. Thanks so much Sue for give me what i need with your blog. Is so beautiful and inspirational for me. Thank so much for this post. Keep doing what ever you love.


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