If I were a French Girl...

Getting dressing in the morning is a daily ritual for us all. It's that moment in the day you decided how the world will see you for the next 24 hours. On most mornings it's a relatively easy task. I pick out a good pair of jeans and the rest just comes together. But on other days I stare at my closet for what seems like an eternity wondering why it feels like i have nothing to wear when there is a closet full of clothes right in front of me.
On those days I have a little trick I use to get me going. I ask myself, "If I were a French Girl, what would I wear?".  Voila! I've just reframed the problem, and given it context. It's like the "blank canvas" in art. Once you make the first stroke, the rest comes much more easily.
So, what would a French Girl wear, anyway... It's subjective, I imagine, but if you need a starting point, her's my list! What's on your list of go to items when your in a dressing pinch... I'd love to know! Leave a comment below!

1. Jeans, jeans, jeans
2. flats in the summer, booties in the winter
3. Iron it!
4. Always add a scarf
5. Sometimes add a broach
6. When in doubt, STRIPES!
7......and above all an AMAZING COAT!

Done! Happy dressing.
1. Flared jeans are always very chic (via The Sartorialist)

2. flats! (via Zappos)
3. I want this iron (via Panasonic)
4. This is good scarf. (via A Ride A Day)

5. I have one of these. I'm wearing it in the image at the start of the post... and I love everything EmmersonMade.  (via EmersonMade)
6. There is nothing easier than a striped top! Maybe a little cliche, but it works! (via Petit Bateau)
7. Love this coat from French Connection!

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