My wonderful friend Angela recently asked for my help with graphics for her new venture. Girl Spot...or G.Spot as she likes to call it is, for the moment "top secret". Soon, however, all the girls of Boston will want in on this.
I'm lucky enough to be involved as graphics guru.
I would love to know which is your favorite and why?

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  1. They are all quite good, and I do hope that they all can be used...but, you've asked me to choose one, so I must.

    The first one 'speaks' to me the most. Love the organic, free spirited and emotive movement of the girl, the free unfettered hair...almost looks like a supergirl getting ready to launch in to the vapor.

    so, seems perfect for a 'launch announcement'.

    ultimately, just seems the most girly, in my perception or hope for something that exemplifies the word.


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