A concrete knee wall is born.

There are few things more exciting than the process of construction. Yes, the design process is, for me, the source of most of my joy. But, truth be told, when a project leaps from the page to the physical world, it's like a  dream become reality. I was never one for dwelling on the, "It only matters when it's built.". But I do love me a good concrete pour! And today I got just that!
Trillium Brewing Company, a project I have been working on for over a year is being built. Yes, brick and mortar, or in today's case, concrete and rebar, BUILT!
It is just a little knee wall, drawn to accurate detail on paper. And today it was made real, and out of concrete! Exhilarating!!

NOTE: Concrete is the substance that most people refer to as cement.
TRICK OF THE TRADE: Cement is a component in concrete, along with sand and water...if you want to be in-the-know about construction, always refer to it as concrete...and never, ever as cement!
Horay concrete!!

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