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These days traveling is much less glamorous than it used to be. You get herded into your seat and, if your lucky, a bag a stale pretzels may come your way at some point during flight. So whenever we travel we like to bring a little bit of glamour with us. I pack a cheese plate! Mid flight when hunger strikes, I lay out my french linen tea towel and mini cheese board, order some wine (or champagne) and instantly my mood brightens. It's great to observe the flight attendant's reaction when he sees us sipping our wine and enjoying our little picnic at 3,000 feet. 
Would you do it? I highly recommend you give it a shot on your next trip!

1. mini cheese boards (set of 4) - $64
2. french linen tea towel (set of 2) - $50
3. cheese selection - varies
4. saucisson - 8.99
5. bubbly (or wine) from on board selection
6. baguette

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