WHAT'S FOR DINNER: Spring Vegetable Risotto

Spring had technically arrived, but the warm days are taking their sweet time getting here. While we wait, let's eat!
The spring semester is coming to a close, I have a big project that is in full-on construction and my stress levels have been on the high side lately. Oh, I also have a trunk show coming up at the end of April which I have to make a ton of bags for. No biggie...
So after a long day of teaching and stressing, I'm happy to sit down to this lovely meal. It's hearty enough to work during the still chilly nights in March, but the flavors are bright with spring. I'm also fairly certain that throwing a poached on anything makes it delicious! Pair it with a not-oaky (that's a technical term) chardonnay, good company, of course, and goodbye stress.
*I know risotto has a reputation for being a bit of a pain to make. This one is pretty simple so go for it. Get the recipe here.

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