I have never been a big fan of chardonnay. So this past weekend I ventured into the world of the white wine that, I have since discovered, is hugely misunderstood.
It all started with a recommendation from a great bartender at Bouchee on Newbury Street in Boston. Bouchee is a great French Bistro and although it borrows heavily from a more high profile California Restaurant with a similar name, it is none the less a great spot to go when Yountville is 3,000 miles away.
So back to the story of how I came to be tasting chardonnay... that evening I ordered a Pouilly-Fuisse not knowing that, in fact, chardonnay is the exclusive grape of this appellation. It was yummy! Bold, but without that heavy california buttery oak, and a bit of crispness to boot, refined and lovely.
Right then and there, I decided to venture into the world of chardonnay. Overhearing my resolve, the bartender recommended Alamos, an Argentinian chardonnay he drinks often, and at $8.79 at my local Blanchards how could I resist?
The following day, strolling down the chardonnay isle, the wine guy Abraham saw the Alamos cradled lovingly in my arms and had a counter suggestion, Cono Sur Chilean Chardonnay.
And so a chardonnay tasting was born!
So which wine won? The Cono Sur from Chile was the clear favorite. Crisp and well balanced, it appealed to my Sancerre loving palate. To be fair, the Alamos was great too making me a new fan of chardonnay. So if you're still turning your nose up at chardonnay, don't hesitate. It can be wonderful just be sure to select one based on the kind of wine you love. Cheers!

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