I've been searching so long for a good "hip" bag...(aka fanny pack). I confess that my girl crush on Fiona from Burn Notice may have something to do with my recent obsession with the super cool satchel that sits on the hip and carries just what you need. (no guns please!)
With no luck finding one that blew me away, I decided to tackle the challenge using my own sewing machine.
I started with reclaimed leather parts from this gray leather bag that was waaaaaay past it's prime.
The Summer 2010 MALA handbag collection ARMY MARKET is all about contradictions, lush linen with masculine details and, in this case, a burst of unexpected color.
The result is a soft, compact little satchel that rides along on your hip as you go about your daily activities. I'm in love with this little bag and have been wearing it everywhere. Of course, the prototype is mine, but visit the ON LINE SHOP soon for more ARMY HIP-STER satchels!

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