ARMY MARKET collection / summer 2010 is here!!!!
The past few days have been all about getting the new collection ready for release.
It's the first time I've put out a seasonal collection of handbags and no wonder, it's a ton of work. There was, of course, the initial design phase and then production and finally the website, marketing and online shop. I'm very proud of this line of bags and am so excited to share it with you.
The concept for this collection came from my fascination with unexpected combinations. I started with 100% Linen which, to me, is the quintessential summer feminine fabric, but I chose colors that are earthy and on the masculine side: Deep gray/green, red cross red and silver/gray. This color palate seemed beautiful and durable at the same time.
This is where the contradictions started to play into the design.
I then began working on the stencils, out came my love of numbers and letter. As I experimented I began to see a military/army vibe, so I ran with it.
ARMY MARKET is about exactly that, a bag inspired by military garb, but designed for the exact opposite...a trip to the market. MILITARY INSPIRED, FARMER'S MARKET BOUND.
Next step, the photo shoot!
I asked my friend Kennan for help (that's her above). She's a talented photographer/architect/artist...and sometimes model. I chose Allandale Farm as the site for our shoot. It's the last working farm in the Boston area, so what better place to drop a couple of girls wearing city clothes? 

Yep, that's a cow, chickens and Kennan and I in our city girl uniforms.

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