Unknowingly, I had an urge to try a new shape and style of bag. It's been there in the back of my creative file for a while, but had never materialized. I kept putting it off mostly because the clutches have taken off lately and I was so busy making those there was no time to develop a new design of bag.
But sometime last week I just had to do it. I didn't set out that day to make a tote, but in one afternoon I had it! The Provence Market Tote, perfect for the market or any place really.
It's all in the details. One of my favorite things about this bag are the handles. They are made from the little leather bag that Aniversario Rum comes in! (a lovely dark rum from Venezuela)
It was going so well, I decided to make another, and then another the day after that.  I made some slight modifications to the size. A larger, boxier shape felt more modern, and a softer, less structured approach felt more updated.
Above it the Swiss Army Tote. It's about 18"x19" and has leather handles and closure detail made from a repurposed leather handbag I had for years and never used.

This is a detail shot of the Ink Blot Tote. Haven't gotten a good overall shot of this one because it's the least structured of the three and won't stand on it's own.
Planning a photo shoot soon to really show off these great new bags! Already thinking about the next one I'm going to make.


  1. really nice stuff, sue. there definitely continues to be a 'male' feel to the materials and design, but I think there are many women who have a want for this, but the abundance of these types of products are in particular low supply.

    ...OH, and i think you should talk to Pat, maybe tap his computer skills, and have him add a social media tagging function, allowing people to 'like' your posts, so they can get thrown on to their facebook pages, etc. twitter, and all that biz.

    see you when I get back from NL.

  2. I love this bag. Are you selling them?

  3. stacystyle...Thank you for your comment. Yes, I am selling these bags here www.makegoodstudio.bigcartel.com.
    Which of the two do you like? These both happen to be sold, but I can make one for you. Let me know.


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