Of the, oh, about a dozen project that I have going on at any given time (most of them still in my head) it's hard to know which to start with. I figured this would be the hard part, actual content, and yes, in fact it is.

So, I'm just gonna pick one and go with it.

This little project I started came from a need i discovered a short time ago. I have a lovely MacBookPro and no case to put it in...well, that's not entirely true. I have one, it's just ENORMOUS and completely practical, which of course is not the point at all. So I set out to design and make a minimalist lap top case.
Sounds easy enough, right?

I start with gorgeous red wool (New England=Winter) for one face and a brown gray for the other. Orange stitching holds it all together.

It's in it's early stages yet, but the size feels nice, the proportions are working and now I just have to get my overworked sewing machine to cooperate and in no time I'll be posting the finished product. Stay tuned!

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