Two lovely friends of mine recently got married!
JC & E, as they are know, are the rare sort of couple that combine two completely different personalities that work perfectly together. You know what I mean?
He's a great cook, brews his own beer (which is so tasty) and has the greenest thumb anyone who lives in New England can have. He's the kind of guy who takes his time for the seemingly insignificant things in life.
She has her own business and is a true entrepreneur, always on the go, thinking of the next thing and truly one of the genuinely friendly people on this earth that has a way of pulling you instantly into her vortex of smiling energy.
And of course they are both gorgeous!

So when I got the phone call and JC shared with me that they were getting married I wanted to get them a gift that wouldn't involve a trip to Pottery Barn.

I waited and waited, hoping inspiration would strike. What would this dear couple treasure and love?
And then I received their wedding invitation and it was a no duh moment!

The beautiful branch peeking in from the top of the perfect letter pressed card was my answer.

What I made was a set of 12 linen napkins hand printed with their wedding invitation branch in each corner. It would remind them of that special day every time they brought them out, placed them on the table and enjoyed a meal alone together or with friends.

Oh, and I kept going. Decided 4 matching linen placemats would be an ok think to throw in for good fortune.

Congratulations JC & E! Love you guys and can't wait to come for dinner...and beer.

DAILY FACTOID* JC brewed all the beer for his own wedding! Ya!*

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