Inspiration is everywhere.

I thought it would be fun to share with you what inspires me.
So this morning on my very ordinary walk to work, I photographed some of these ubiquitous tidbits.

In my sneak.peak earlier today you see the focus on text in my latest project. It is also the focus of what I was seeing. No coincidence.


  1. Nice work with the blog in general, Sue.
    It really does highlight making good stuff, but also making good on stuff that creative minds think about. It's rare to act on it, and to successfully record its process. And I know you are a woman of process....
    Good things live here.

  2. Thank you, Al.
    As a creative person, your thoughts mean so much to me.
    ...and of course as my friend who knows me so well, you know what I'm trying to do here!
    Keep coming back. Hoping to post lots and lots of stuff.

  3. ...very inspiring, simply noticing and, then actually seeing the beauty in the seemingly mundane details in our days. well, that's a lot of fun.

  4. I made it finally. I love pictures of details like this, especially as I don't tend to be very good at taking this kind of picture. I'm really curious to see what this project with letters & numbers is going to end up looking like. I wonder if graffiti will have anything to do with it...

  5. Thanks JC and Hilda.
    Yes, the everyday is always so overlooked.
    Return soon, I'm making fast progress on the project.
    ...and yes, graffiti! The images do have that "urban street" vibe to them.


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