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I recently bought the condo I have been living in for some time. It's a great loft space in an old High School. The neighborhood (Jamaica Plain) is funky and populated with interesting people, their dogs and lately it seems an onslaught of cute toddlers.
There are big old tudor houses and weeping willows, great places to eat and a farmer's market on Saturdays. Although sadly that will end soon as the bitter new England winter sets in.

But to the point of my post...
This building was renovated and made into apartments in the 80's. A time when developers where cutting corners and dry wall was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
It's also about as boring as sliced bread.

So, as we sell apartments and fresh young faces start to populate the halls, the itch to start taring down drywall and renovation is inevitable. I've been asked by some neighbors for ideas, and the kitchen seems to be the biggest problem area.
Most of them are small, cramped, galley kitchens with old appliances and dreadful "wood" cabinets.

I took out my drafting tools and went to work.
I designed three options for what was a boring old galley, each offering a different feature.
No clients yet, but the ideas are circulating and I'd love to see a few of these built!

KITCHEN A : Open plan if you are the minimalist sort.

KITCHEN B: Framed Opening for a bit more separation from surrounding rooms. More storage too.

KITCHEN C: Storage Wall if you really cook and have lots of stuff. The asymmetry of the plan adds drama.


  1. As a former resident of this venerable building, I can say that, with Sue's full kitchen remodels + just a few minor changes to the details of these apartments...well, this would just elevate these fantastic and dramatic spaces to the homes that they can be.

    don't forget to CLICK on the above pictures to see the details of the plans she's posted.

  2. JC,
    Miss having you in the building! Can't wait to renovate my own kitchen.
    Thanks for tip on enlarging the images.

  3. I have been fortunate enough to see this kitchen in person! LOL. And this is just going to be awesome! Nice job

  4. Thanks Peter (aka my brother).

    Keep visiting, more posts to come soon!

  5. I like B simply because you can never have enough storage and I'm in favor of smaller, cozier rooms than an open floorplan. Such a personal choice!
    XX Kate

  6. Thanks Kate for your comment Kate.
    Personal choice is always a good way to go when dealing with Kitchens.
    ...and who doesn't love storage!


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