If you remember from my post plant.life, I was in search of a vessel for my baby jades who had escaped the mother plant and spent the summer happily living in the moss.

There was scale and appropriateness to consider, and just as I had found the baby jades I wanted to use a found, ordinary object that was revived and given new life.

You can probably guess from the photo, Tomato Paste cans was my answer.

With the vessel chosen, the design process began by taking into consideration some of the fundamental needs of the project.
Every plant needs water and then they need it to escape, so there is a weep hole concept as well as one option with a tray to collect water.

I'm working on making the first prototype.
As often happens, in making something you discover what works and what doesn't. This process almost always results in changes to the original design and ultimately a better design.

We'll see. Off to get started.
I'll post my results later today!

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  1. I love your plant posts, and especially this one because I have a thing for structural drawings (I was trained as a civil and environmental engineer). I'm a complete brown thumb, sadly, so would love to see how your plants get on.


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