A while back I posted a couple of sneak.peaks into a printing project I was working on. It revolved around letters, numbers and a complete lack of direction.
Thankfully, direction is now forward...few.

Here is how it's coming along...

Earlier in the process I was using a standard letter stencil to print over a simple block of color. It was a good start, but I wanted to develop unique letters that could work as a screen print. My thought was to combine the background and the form of the letter so that each read as negative in a block.
Out came the graph paper, pencil and good lighting and suddenly an entire unique block letter alphabet was right there on paper.
I then scanned it, and in photoshop worked out a few kinks like scale, proportion and composition.

Next step, prep the screen to receive the image. Messy, messy process, especially for a girl who's a bit clumsy.

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  1. I like that concept. It has an extra dimention to the look. Nice job


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