There is something about airports...
For me it's a combination of the anticipation of travel to a far away land and a familiarity that comes from having worked on design for a few.
My favorite part, however, is leaving the airport, making my way down the jetbridge and finding myself at the little round window to the world.

It's magical.
You enter what is essentially a very well designed aluminum cylinder that bullets through air, time and space to deposit you somewhere else, somewhere new, somewhere you have never been.

Why it reminds me of those first moments and days of a design problem, I don't know. But it does and it is. You start somewhere and you emerge somewhere completely different.

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  1. I totally agree with you!
    I allways feel sad when I have to drop someone at the airport and I don´t get to travel... for me airports are the door to the entire world. You see all kinds of people and languages. You leave your comfort zone to the unknown, which for me is even more comfortable... I wish i could travel whenever I wanted! And when you feel like it, you can allways travel home ;)


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