A new direction

A one year anniversary happens and suddenly I want to change things...
I have been guiltily plotting to take my blog in a new direction. It has been feeling somewhat insular and devoid of tidbits the world offers that inspire and motivate my creative process. After all, nothing comes from nothing. I'm a big believer in that statement and have deciding to share more of the inspiring somethings that fleetingly pass me by or have been lingering for years.
I am also hoping to make this a more interactive forum, one that invites comments and feedback, something that has also been sadly lacking this past year.
So, to start, let's talk about flowers!
Winter is coming. I can feel it in the crisp air of night, and see it in the rusting of the leaves.
Spring seems too far away and fresh flowers a thing of distant memories. To me, these flower arrangements capture this fleeting moment between blooming warmth and the deep freeze to come. Which is your favorite?

(Via WeddingAces)
(Via Modest Craft)

1 comment:

  1. #1 echinops ritro
    followed by a very close #2 peach papaver orientale

    (getting off my nerd latin plant name stool now)


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