Sometimes, it takes a friend.

It has been a week filled with mistakes and mishaps. Fortunately, from them came a few successes. Yesterday I finally finished the Envelope Bag which has been in the making for some time. Today, the Cuff Bracelet was born.
A few days ago by amazing friend Rebecca called to share with me her thoughts on a new accessory. It came to her one morning that I should do a cuff bracelet, something pretty, but modern and inexpensive so that every girl could have a fabulous accessory from the MAKE.GOOD collection. It was brilliant! And so I took the idea back to the studio to work out the details.
The Felted Wool Cuff Bracelet is my version of pretty, just enough detail to catch the eye, yet understated and unabashedly modern.
The Cuff also works perfectly with the new Envelope Bag! I can't wait to debut them both at the SOWA Open Market this sunday, October 24th!!! Let me know if your coming by.

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