A new camera to see the world with

The Blackbird Fly 35mm TLR Twin Lens Reflex Camera is the latest little gadget to catch my fancy. You may remember at the beginning of this year I got the gift of a lovely Lumix LX3. A wonderful digital camera that is not only intuitive to use, it takes great pictures without much effort. I use it to take all the photos for this blog.

What it can't do is replicate the feel of a photo taken on film. This beauty promises atmospheric photos bursting with color and character. It also has a few super cool features; square format capability, double exposure option and the ability to expose the entire film to the edge! (check out these results!) I'm in love! Of course there is human factor to consider, and with my photographic abilities being limited at best, I'm wondering if the results would be worth the investment. For now I'll remain content to look at the gorgeous photos that others have taken with this bold looking little camera. Have you ever used one of these?...do you love it?
(Images from Amazon.com)

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