A custom bag coming to life

A few weeks ago a friend from long ago contacted me wanting a custom bag. A few idea emails were exchanged and before long a custom tote was in the works.
My primary goal for writing this blog is to give you insight into the process of designing and making. How do things come to be the way they are? It's no easy task, but I hope you at least get a peak into my world and the way I think. Enjoy the images, and Sara, enjoy your new tote!
The handle for the tote is a reclaimed leather belt I found. I chose it because I felt the natural leather works well with with the Gray Felted Wool. My favorite feature is the 02115 zip code stencil. It's the zip code where Sara and I went to college. It's moments like this that help me remember why I love what I do. It's intensely personal, always.

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