Predictably unpredictable

I rarely set out to make something with a plan in place. More likely, I just start. It can be a fabric, an object, a movie I just saw, or someone I passed on the street, inspiration is unpredictable but, luckily, it is everywhere. It's not always timely, but it is abundant.
But inspiration is just the beginning. For me, inspiration is a blip...and the rest? Well, that's the fun part and it always leads to something completely unexpected. Well, without a plan, what would one expect but a completely unpredictable outcome?
I think this is why I keep doing what I do. The only certainty is that I never really know what the outcome will be. I generally embraced this part of myself, and if you've spent any time with me you know that this makes it's way into most aspects of my life.
But, I have a confession to make. There are those times I wish desperately to be one of those people that has it "all figured out". There is a plan and it gets executed to completion and he/she won't move onto the next thing until it is. You know, the girl who's life and creative process seems so orderly and under control. She just seems to move from one thing to the next seamlessly and with grace.
Ya, that's not me. On most days I'm moving from sewing machine to drawing board and back again tripping over my cat every step of the way.
But enough about that. The real reason for this post is to show you the results of my latest unplanned project. It all started when a very fashionable friend of my donated a few pairs of well worn jeans to the MAKE.GOOD studio collection of random fabrics.
The results...well, here they are! Jeans made into bags.
What do you think? Would you sport this over-the-shoulder bag around town?
What shall I call this new line of bags? I'd love your thoughts on this...cuz I gotta go work on the next completely random and unpredictable thing...whatever that is.

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  1. Love them, would definitely "sport" them all around. I think they give of a young/fun vibe!


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