Valentine Giveaway!

It's time for another GIVEAWAY!!!
Valentine's day is on it's way and just in time is the new Zipper Make-Up Pouch! It's personalized with your (or your love's) initial and made of charcoal felted wool outside and striped ticking inside.
You can win a customized Zipper Make-Up Pouch! All you have to do is:
1. LIKE Make Good studio on Facebook 
2. Leave a comment bellow sharing your "can't live without" beauty item.
3. Don't forget...leave us a way to get in touch with you too, just in case you are the winner.
It's that simple.
A winner will be selected on Friday February 11th.
UPDAT: And the winner is Phoebe (Heffron Family). Congratulations Phoebe!


  1. I don't know what I like better...the outside or the inside of the bag!!! I love it!

    My "can't live w/o" beauty items- Q tips! They are great for cleaning up any make up mistakes, applying in a pinch and standing in for any number of brushes in addition to all the other uses :)


  2. I like you on Facebook. I can't do without my Covergirl Trublend Foundation!

  3. I can't and frankly won't live without my concealor! Genetics has brought me permanent dark circles and concealor is my ticket to living among the bright-eyed, fresh faced people!

    Maryam @

  4. Trying relentlessly to win a beautiful Make.Good product! Similar to the zipper pouch, but carries the real essentials: make up. Or maybe doubles as a stylish bag for pens, pencils, markers, erasers...

    1. Liked!
    2. Mascara, mascara, mascara! Diorshow Blackout for special occasions, and Maybelline Full and Soft for every day use.
    3. gallivans@wit.edu

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Already "Like" you on FB
    I can't live w/out Aveda Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture! You told me to buy it when we were doing wedding makeup and I still love it!
    Also Origins rain and shine sheer mint lipstick the minty smell is great to wake you up and the sheer tint gives you just enough color :)

  6. Edye said,

    oh no, my can't live without is lip moisturizer or treatment, and Michelle said it first!!!!!! I blew it, but to foster my argument, and plea for this item which will help enormously with organizing my life, I NEED the lip conditioner, winter or summer, since as we all know, if one's lips are dry, and we lick them, they get even dryer!!! Doesn't everyone relate? I am not even talking beauty, but how acceptable is it to walk around with dry, cracking, peeling lips?( I will stop before I show my true desperation).

    The bag is so great, inside and out, no seams, perfect. It many even inspire me to take a trip down to a reputable department store and get a makeover! Then, I will fill it with beauty items that I currently do not own. It could change my life in 2 ways; help me be organized, and beautify my aging, less than perfect skin!

    Alright, may the woman with the least organizational skills and the biggest need for beautification win. Best of luck, gals

  7. Moisturizer with SPF to help me withstand the hours in the sun and wind at the dog park :)

  8. Adorable bag, I love your style.

    I'm the single mom of an infant, so I have NO time to put on a lot of make up. So, for now, my essential beauty item is my lush lip scrub, it keeps my lips smooth for giving the baby kisses :)

    I'm giving away a free photo shoot on facebook this month, so if you like my page maybe you can win a prize from me!


  9. I already own one of these fabulous bags and I will say it is nothing short of FABULOUS!! It's gorgeously made and detailed perfectly. I have even used it as a purse.

    I am not vying for another, but wanted to say that my necessary beauty product is my moisturizer with SPF. Doesn't matter what else a girl's got on, you have to have radiant skin underneath. :)

  10. Like on facebook checked long time ago ;)

    Can't live without my Origins'products that I bought on that perfect winter day! Thank YOU! ;D

  11. I can't live without Smashbox Photo Op under eye brightener! It hides the dark circles I get from being a PreSchool Teacher without the heavy texture of a concealer! It's amazing!!

    I just downsized my makeup bag (trying to live with less all around!!) and a bag this gorgeous would look great holding all of my essentials:)

  12. Ladies,
    Thank you all for your great comments! It's fun to see what beauty products you are into. I may have to try a few of these myself!!!
    Stay in touch. And thank you for reading my blog.

  13. Oh...and the winner is PHOEBE (Heffron Family)! Congratulations Phoebe!


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