IN SEARCH OF: Vintage Champagne Glasses

I have been dreaming of vintage champagne glasses. You know, the pretty ones with the wide shallow bowls that look so elegant in hand? (think Great Gatsby). It all started when Kat went on a glass breaking rampage and eliminated all but 3 of our champagne flutes. I figured since they were gone forever I may as well replace them with the lovely vintage ones I had been dreaming of.
And so an adventure began. I searched a few of my regular gently used goods outposts and on the third try finally found what I had been looking for.
 They don't look like much sitting on the dusty shelf, but I could see past the layers of grime and banked on their potential. At $1.99 for a set of 4 there was no big loss if they turned out to be duds in the end.
I took my two sets of 4 home (slightly different but similar in shape) and with great care and anticipation cleaned and cleaned. The result...exactly what I had been looking for. I'm in love with the delicate glass and the subtle vintage details. Now I must find an excuse to drink some champagne...

Bonus find, a vintage Italian swing top porcelain cap bottle for $.99. (kind of like this one) See it in the photo above holding water with dill sprigs floating inside? It's a refreshing way to to drink still water in the summer. Try it.

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