SNAPSHOT: Cape Cod weekend and other adventures

This past week was packed with little adventures, good food and preparation for a weekend away (prettying toe nails in this perfect shade of red/orange polish). So when Friday arrived, I sped off to Cape Cod for a weekend of laughs and relaxation with girlfriends. On the way I couldn't resist stopping at my favorite spot in Hyannis for a light dinner. This amazing hidden away gem is a French bakery by day and transforms to a warm cozy bistro by sunset.
The weather was warm and summery and after the long drive arriving at my air conditioned room was a nice reprieve from the heat of the day. And then the weekend began.
We stayed here, strolled along the beach and ate here. It was quintessential Cape. On my way home I stopped for some Salt Water Taffy. My favorite is the honey flavor. Super tasty. There is nothing like spending summer weekend on Cape Cod. The sea grass instantly calming with a little help from the lull of the ocean. I felt refreshed and ready to tackle a rainy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend too!

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