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I've been contemplating getting a new camera (based on the last posts, I think I just need shopping therapy to be honest). Anyway, my trusty Lumix LX3 has been good to me over the last couple of years. It is compact, has a great lens and is overall a great camera. So, this itch to replace here has been bothering me. Why? Is it really her, or is it me?
I decided to whip out the owners manual and perhaps reinvigorate my interest in her many features. Turns out, I wasn't taking advantage of all the tricks this little work horse has to offer. Goes to show you, retail therapy is not always the answer.
Here are a few side-by-sides of my favorite test subject, Penny.
I had never gotten the hang of the aperture priority thing. Penny and her paw sat patiently as I clicked, rotated, hit buttons and adjusted settings until I got what I wanted, a crisp in focus foreground and a very blurry background. I think photo three is the winner. It has a clear hierarchy. The paw is the subject of the photo with an interesting secondary component, Penny's very skeptical look in the background. 
I then set out to master the exposure. With my light filled living room as my subject, I tried to get that overexposed vibe I like so much these days. Again, I think three wins. Perhaps it's not the most correctly exposed photo, but it's my favorite. Your eye goes right to the light and then finds the rest of the detail in the photo.
Ok, give me your votes!
There isn't much difference in the above series of Penny's sleepy eyes, but I included it anyway. Couldn't resist.
For those of you who know me well, you know this guy is my brother. You'd think I would have gotten some of those genes. Turns out, no. I ended up with a different set of creative skill, so no complaints here. Thanks mom and dad.

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  1. OMG! You finally finally figured out that the camera does NOT take the photo ;)
    Knowing how creative you are, I should start to be getting worried right about now where this new found love for photography might take you.

    You biggest fan, and your loving bro,


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