A day in Vermont

A few weeks ago we celebrated Patrick's birthday with a trip to Vermont. We were only there for a day a half but filled it with a visit to a cheese farm, an hour long picnic, two breweries, a visit, shopping and dinner at Simon Pearce and a stay at a lovely bed and breakfast in Woodstock. It all happened under a beautiful fall blue sky and warm air that lingered from summer. In short it was perfect! Vermont is such a pretty state.  I am very much looking forward to returning for a longer stay next time. Until then, here are a few photos from our trip.
Vermont Shepherd is a cheese farm in Westminster that boasts award-winning mountain cheese. We headed there first to start the day with a picnic on their beautiful land. We arrived to a "Please Serve Yourself" sign...and they weren't kidding. Inside a tucked away little shed was a refrigerator filled with cheese. We picked out a couple, filled out the sales receipt and dropped our money into a wood collection box. It's nice to know the honor system still works in this world.

We picked a spot, opened a bottle of Larkmead Solari and settled in. There was no one around, well, except for the the sheep.

We tried two cheeses and loved them both. I think we agreed though that the Invierno Cheese won with a slight lead. It is rich and grassy and matched perfectly with the wine.

Longtrail Brewing Co. and The Seven Barrel Brewery were our next stops. We sipped a few of their seasonal beers and chatted with the locals.

Dinner that evening was at Simon Pearce's Quechee glass blowing studio and restaurant. We browsed their amazing glass collection and sat down to dinner and wine overlooking the falls.

We ended the trip with a stayed at the Applebutter Inn where we ate a lovely homemade breakfast of fresh muffins and pancakes...with a side of Applebutter, of course.

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