Drawing by hand

Every semester there is always one well intentioned student that asks, "Do I have to draw by hand?".  I first gasp, then take a sip of water to calm myself and wonder where it is they are getting the memo that not knowing how to draw by hand is an option?
In my calmest possible voice, I explain that hand drawing is the most visceral way an architect accesses and communicates ideas. Drawing is like breathing to us. It's immediate and is a way for us to communicate with our brain, directly. Sounds like science fiction. You'd think that would get them.
Maybe (very likely) I'm becoming a dinausaur, extinct in my thinking that a line on paper is like poetry, or music. Hmm, maybe that's were I've really gone wrong. If only it were more like a thousand images speeding by very quickly. Alas, it is not. It's just slow and meditative.
That may be so, but my drafting table stays, and so does my belief that to be an architect you still have to learn how to draw...by hand, slowly and painfully like the rest of us did. Yep, I'll keep fighting extinction one class at a time.

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  1. Oh so true today...Love the wall... Love the space... Keep fighting


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