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In February I said goodbye to my Volkswagen Cabrio. I had bought it in 1997 after graduating from college and she was with me for over 15 years! I loved that car. There are so many memories of road trips and places visited and the people who shared those moments with me. But after so many reliable years she was ready to retire. I watched as the tow truck took her away to be dismantled and sold for parts. I like to think of bits of her becoming part of other cars having new adventures. It's like being an organ donor. She will live on, I like to think.
Now carless, I have resolved to trade in four wheels for two. I'm considering one of the two Linus bikes above. I'm in love with the Dutchi in cream. Modeled after French city bikes from the 50's and 60's, it feels femanine and had a super comfortable upright ride. But then there is the Mixte model in blue. It has such great clean lines and rides more like a traditional bike. Decisions, decisions. This is so hard. I'd love your vote! Let me know, which do you think is more me?

Inspiration images from Pinterest.

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