Back to the business of design

It must be the holidays. The last few posts have been of a much more personal nature.
But, alas, a new year is upon us and it's back to the business of design. So, what is this business of design anyway? On most days it's me at a sewing machine or a drafting table. But on the really good days it's a process that happens primarily in my thoughts.
Someone said to me once that it seems to them that design thinking is in everything I do. Yes, in fact it must be. I had never thought about this before, naively assuming that of course this was the case with everyone. Turns out it's not, but as a designer I have never know any other way of seeing the world. Everything is a study in proportion, scale, color, light, line, placement, and all those thing's relationship to each other. The list goes on and on and it's as automatic to me (and all designers I assume) as breathing.
So...a new year means a new calendar and an opportunity to add something beautiful to my work space and keep the design brain designing.
Here are a few of my favorites; none short on design. Which is your favorite?

The Chair Calendar by this lovely lady. There is a nice sweet story behind it's existence.

Who doesn't love letter press!!! This is a pretty, pretty one.

Simple and perfect! Find it here.

Oh, I'm in love! Find this one here.
Not entirely sure how this one works...but I'm intrigued!

Typography lovers, this one is for you!

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