A girl, some bags, a camera, and her dog.

Good morning dear readers.  If you have been wondering where I have been, wonder no longer. I'm back!
It has been a hectic couple of weeks with Holiday Markets to attend, student work to grade and a giant pile of laundry to wash...oops, that one still needs work, but it's on the list for this afternoon. But, first things, first. Blogging!
I had planned to blog about all the markets from these past weeks and showing you yet another photo of my lovely, ever evolving booth. But I decided you may have had enough of that.
So instead, as the title suggests, I'm taking you behind the scenes to my latest photo shoot.
After all the selling was done this past weekend at SOWA Holiday Market I had a few lovely bags still hanging on the rack. A photo shoot was in order.
Now, understand, during daylight hours on most days it's just me and the dog working away in my little home studio. So when I decide it's a good day to shoot some photos of bags, I have an instant problem on my hands. Who will model? Well, the dog isn't much help in that category, nor is she particularly agile with a camera. No opposable thumbs, you know. So, it's all me. I'm the photographer, the stylist, the model, the editor, the lighting director, wardrobe coordinator, the caterer, and yes even the one in charge of lint brushing the bags so they don't appear all speckled in the photos.
You are starting to get the picture. (Pun intended).
You will find the refined fruit of my labor on my updated website and online shop. But, I thought I would share a few of the more humorous moments of the day. Enjoy!
 I'm not entirely sure what happened in the shot above, but I suspect the next two shots may explain something...

 This one was getting close...
And, finally, this sums up the day. Lot's of shots where the timer went off before I was able to reach the designated location. Ugh, models, they just don't move fast enough.

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